Spare parts

Art. 2
Frame for rolling and eurogate
Art. 3
Keder profile
Art. 4
Crank without hook
Art. 5
Crank with hook
Art. 7
Base plate for rolling gates without frame
Art. 8
Clamping bracket
Art. 10
Square shaft
Travelling shaft
Art. 12
Sliding curtain guide roller
Art. 14
Plastic bottom runner
  • Projects

    Thanks to the Maxidoor, the large front entrance to the recycle plant, can be completely sealed. This prevents the wind from affecting the waste too much. The lorries can drive through the gate without difficulty, which was a key requirement.
  • Projects

    The wind is kept away and paper and cardboard no longer blow into the neighbouring street. Our waste is also protected from heavy rainfall, benefiting the disposal process!

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